As much as we all look for job satisfaction, most workers agree that money is the real reason they get out of bed and go to work each day.

These tips will help you get paid what you deserve and make the most of the money you earn:

1. Work out your value

Thoroughly research what other people with your skills and experience are getting paid so you can back up your salary demands. Remember that the same role can be of different value in different industries, so make sure your research remains relevant to your situation.

2. Improve your negotiation skills

It can be easier holding out for more money when you're in the process of being offered a job, rather than trying to get a raise when you actually have one. Consider positions of power, bargaining tools and the consequences of non-agreement.

3. Utilise benefit schemes

Employees often undervalue the value of benefits when it comes to negotiating a salary. If your discussions aren't going particularly well, it's well worth trying to work into the package benefits that cost next to nothing for your employer, but mean a great deal to you.

4. Make the most of your money

If you're having a tough time with money, you may have to make a choice between getting into more debt, becoming a hermit, or coming up with some ways to save the pennies. Look to set budgets, destroy credit cards, eat cheaper and consolidate any outstanding loans.

5. Save for the future

It's never too early to start saving for your retirement. For most companies it's an obligation to give you access to a pension scheme or at least point you towards a financial advisor who can explain the ins and outs of the thousands of pension options that are available.